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How Water Softeners Work

Some people think that these systems are using salt or potassium (in salt free systems) to soften the water and this is not completely true. The only thing that salt or potassium is used for is to clean and regenerate the true water softening agent...resin.

Resin looks like hundreds of thousands of colored beads (different systems use different colors). Each one of these beads are round and very hard. When these tiny spheres are put together, they can do amazing things for even the hardest, nastiest water.

The resin does not need to sit in the water to soften it, instead the softening happens through what is called "ion exchange" as the water passes by and between these thousands of tiny balls. This ensures that the water you have coming out of your sink, tub or shower is freshly pumped into the house the moment that you turn on the faucet, 100% Soft. The water has not been sitting in the tank and you are not limited to the amount of soft water that you can use at one time.

One bucket of water to wash the car or five showers in a row...all soft!

Over time, the resin will attract so much hardness from the water that it cannot do its job effectively. How quickly this happens depends on the water quality coming into the home as well as how much water your household consumes. When the resin reaches this point, the resin tank must be "regenerated".

Salt or Potassium water is kept in the brine tank. To regenerate the resin, this salt/potassium water is flushed into and then back out of the resin tank until the hardness has been washed away and down the drain. Clean water is then flushed through the resin tank to clean away almost all of the salt.

Very little of that salt or potassium actually makes it into your home! It has been stated that one gallon of conditioned water contains about the same amount of salt as one slice of white bread!

With Renegade Water Treatment Systems you will have very little to do to enjoy soft water. Our systems will regenerate automatically for the most effective and cost efficient performance. The Vortech plate inside the unit will make sure all parts of the system are working at their peak performance. The system will monitor the rate of water usage vs. the capacity of the equipment and plan the best day to regenerate on its own. Either way, all you do is add salt or potassium (depending on your system) to the brine tank when it gets low. Thats it!

Now isn't it time for you to enjoy the benefits and luxurious feel of conditioned water?
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