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""Educational, thorough, answered questions. Good job!""
- - Mary
""Very educational. Ran the tests, very easy to see the problem. Easy to understand.""
- - Laurie & Derek
""Very informative, didn't realize my drinking water as so full of bad stuff. Interesting.""
- - Betty
""Extremely educational. Informative, well done.""
- - Jeff & Alice
""Educational. It was very informative. I'm on the fence and will have my wife view a presentation for concurrence.""
- - Elmer & Mary
""Educational. I really enjoyed working with Mike. He was knowledgeable and answered all our questions.""
- - Peggy
""Educational. He did a wonderful job of explaining.""
- - Sonya
""Educational. It was great information. Learned about soaps and new equipment. Michael was really friendly and helpful.""
- - Reade
""Educational, courteous. Great service, thanks.""
- - Bob
""Educational. I found the information very helpful in making an informed decision.""
- - Rod
""Absolutely Educational!! Very informative, knowledgeable.""
- - Leslie
""Educational. Very knowledgeable. Took time to explain thoroughly.""
- - Al & Tina
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